Iron County Historical Museum's first Iron Brick: Lego Convention underway

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CASPIAN, Mich. (WLUC) - Ready, set, Legos!

Kids playing with Legos

"We got our first annual Lego convention: Iron Brick,” said Iron County Historical Museum CEO, Glen Waarvick.

Creator of the convention, 15-year-old Dane Waarvick, always loved building with Legos and wanted to give the same chance to the public.

"It went amazing. Everybody who came here thought it was an awesome event. They loved playing with the Legos, they thought the creations were cool. They liked the game. It was fun,” said Waarvick.

The Lego Convention allowed all ages to be creative with their hands, with a "logging" theme. There were many programs for people to take part in, including a blind build where they are blind folded and attempt to build without seeing.

There was also a bag build where they use the instruction manual to try and build the correct Lego set, but the Legos are in a plastic bag.

The convention is giving 3 people the chance to win some Legos sets. Anyone can build a creation and enter for free, but it must be logging theme and must be an original design, not out of a set.

A 2 minute stop-go film about Legos and logging can also be submitted. Submissions end Friday, so there's still a little time.

Throughout the week attendees voted on what project they like best.

The first Iron Brick: Lego Convention seems to be success.

"Really good. They're really enjoying it. We're getting a lot of good feedback. People are always excited about Legos,” said Glen Waarvick.

There are still two more days to stop by. It costs $15 for a family or $6 for an adult for the day.

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