Iron County Commissioners talk budget, postpone decisions

Iron County Commissioners listen to public comment. (WLUC Photo)
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CRYSTAL FALLS, Mich. (WLUC) - The Iron County Board of Commissioners did not make any decisions on the 2020 budget nor the 2019 one at its meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The county is in a structural deficit of $70,000 for this quarter and down $274,000 dollars for the year due to item-line vetoes at the state capitol.

There was also talk about the 2020 budget. The county is looking at a $375,000 deficit for 2020 and must make cuts.

As of now the MSU Extension 4-H group is still included in the 2020 budget, but the Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance is not.

The ICECA proposed to have the county fund $36,000 for 2020 instead of double that. The Iron County Economic Chamber Alliance Board of Trustees Vice President, Mark Bromley said this new proposal will give the group time to think of an alternative for the future.

"We've been encouraged the last few weeks from the business owners and the community for our efforts. It seems like we are making a lot of good progress and we want to make sure that we keep that going and this fund request would do just that,” he said.

Commissioner Michael Stafford, who is also the Vice Chairman of the Board and the Finance Committee Head, said they are required to first fund mandatory services like police and prosecutors and then they will look at the others.

"We're mandated to fund those, beyond that of course those are some of the discretionary areas. We have areas that the community feels important and I do too, but that's always the tough decision,” he said.

The 2020 budget must be finalized by December 15 and requires a 30- day community review. There will be another budget meeting October 22 at 8:00 a.m. at the Iron County Courthouse.

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