Informational binders available to help people better manage personal finances

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - Help is on the way for those struggling to managing money.

This April, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created a binder combining important financial information. The binder includes modules helping people build skills in managing money, ordering and fixing credit reports, repaying debts, plus how to take advantage of products and services offered from financial institutions.

The Gladstone Area Schools Financial Literacy Initiative, along with finance students at the high school, are providing these binders free to the public.

"So many people in America are going into debt and if you can have this binder you can learn more and be more prepared," said Gladstone High School senior, Kaleia Lawrence.

"We are lucky to be apart of the process. Our teacher is giving us all the responsibility of handling the community and how we go about putting these out there," said Gladstone High School senior, Kaitlin Maoanowski.

The goal of this partnership is to encourage families to improve financial decision-making and begin saving at a young age.

These tool-kit binders can be picked up at any Gladstone Area Schools building's main office.

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