Increasing security a top priority at West Iron County Schools

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IRON RIVER, Mich. (WLUC) - Increasing security has been a goal for West Iron County Schools this year. This was the first year they partnered with the local sheriff’s department for a Student Resource Officer.

Now more change is coming after they received a grant from the state's Competitive School Safety Grant Program.

"We're fortunate to have our high school principal and our school liaison officer that found the grant and put in,” Superintendent Chris Thomson told TV6 News.” They identified some needs in the district that we could do a better job on security wise. For the good or bad of today's society, security is something that is necessary to be evaluating and upgrading."

The big project that this grant will cover is replacing all the windows and glass on the first floor. They say that the new glass that they'll be putting in is pretty indestructible.

"The demonstration took like 15 minutes for a grown man to gain access to a building through the window with bricks, bats, a weapon, a rifle shooting through the window,” Student Resource Officer Doug Weesner said. “That's going to increase our safety immensely."

New windows is just part of it. They also want to renovate the elementary school entrance.

They hope the new changes will help everyone feel safer in their buildings.

"To sit here and say we live in a world that nothing is ever going to happen is not feasible, but all we can do is continue to put pieces in place to make our parents and students feel more secure at school,” Thomson said.

If all goes as planned, renovations will start this summer.

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