In light of college admissions scandal, here's how Northern Michigan University combats admissions fraud

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - With the college admissions scandal sweeping the nation, Northern Michigan University says it has policies in place to protect against admission fraud. NMU bases their admission strictly on official documents, and officials say they can easily recognize when these documents seem off.

The issue with the recent fraud scandals involves using athletics as loopholes to get students into the universities. But admission to NMU relies on academics.

"If a student brings other talents to the table, whether it be athletic talent or music talent or artistic talent, that's great, but it's not part of the admission consideration. So again, there's less likelihood that there's going to be any taking advantage of anything along those lines," says NMU Executive Director of Admissions at NMU, Gerri Daniels.

Daniels adds that since NMU is very accessible and is able to accept any student as long as they meet the criteria, admission fraud has not been an issue at the university.

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