Icy conditions make travel extremely difficult

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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WLUC) - Everyone was excited when the forecast finally predicted warmer temperatures were coming our way, but what people didn’t expect was the mess it would bring.

"We're standing here at First and Pearl and very icy conditions,” said Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown. “The salter and sander have been out, and are continuously out trying to keep the street safe, but the conditions are such that the sand and the salt just goes right through the ice because the ice is deep."

Due to these conditions, some residents have been having a bit of a hard time coming and going places.

"It was a challenge getting out to the end of the drive-way because it was so slippery, with the rain that we had and freezing on the top, it was just like an ice rink,” said Raymond Sundquist, a local Ishpeming resident who works at Wilderness Sports, Inc.

Normally, it only takes Raymond five minutes to get to work. But this morning, he says it was longer due to all the ice.

"I went down a little ways and it was looking pretty slick in front of me so I hit the brakes just to see how slippery it was, and it didn't even hardly slow down,” said Sundquist.

Fortunately, Raymond made it safely to work. However, some people didn’t have the same experience.

"It wasn't pleasant,” said Elaine Racine, a local resident and owner of Elaine’s Place. “I arrived at Third Street and that was where I took a toss, and I slid into Third Street and luckily, the truck coming saw me."

The weather has been dangerous for everyone, and if you must leave the house be extremely careful.

However if you don’t, Racine offers a word of advice for people.

"Unless you have to go somewhere today, stay home, and I don't know how tomorrow is going to be but it was very treacherous,” said Racine.

Elaine is doing better since she fell. But, she will be careful going forward and advises other people to use caution as well.

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