Ice and snow storms decimate Marquette County trails

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - February's ice and snow storms are leaving an impact on Marquette County trails.

Numerous downed trees and low-overhanging branches were all over the Noquemanon Trail Network.

It took two days for the NTN clear the trail of branches frozen in the path and to pack snow to prepare for 8 plus inches of snowfall.

As of Friday morning, the East side of 553 on South Trails is plowed and set.

NTN is asking the public to stay off of the West Side of 553 as groomers are taking the next day to reset the base.

The trail next work is warning if you are sinking more than an inch, lower your tire pressure, opt for snowshoes.

If on foot or turn around and give the trail more time.

With the wind expected this weekend, NTN says to look out for falling ice and limbs.

"Just wait for the trails to be firm," said Lori Hauswirth, the NTN executive director. "It will be a lot better experience to snow shoe, ski, fat bike or walk with your dogs. it will be a beautiful weekend for it

Ishpeming's RAMBA trails were also impacted by this weeks storms.

They are asking for clean up help Saturday, February 9 at Hill Street at 9 am to clear the trails in preparation of next week's Polar Roll.

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