Hundreds of cyclists tour the Central Upper Peninsula

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Hundreds of cyclists are making their way through the Central Upper Peninsula this week. This is for the annual League of Michigan Bicyclists' Upper Peninsula tour.

250 cyclists from more than 25 different states took off from Manistique Monday morning.

"We pulled out of Manistique and went to Escanaba,” said League of Michigan Bicyclists development director Jason Craner. “Then Escanaba to Crystal Falls, and then yesterday we went 75 miles here to Marquette."

The tour alternates between the Central and Eastern Upper Peninsula. Plenty were excited, and tour spots, priced at nearly $500 a piece, filled up fast.

"They love the climbs, the roads, they love the scenery in this area, it's been beautiful and the towns have treated us really great," said Craner.

For Amy Bade, this is her first time in the area. Her and her group of friends from downstate Holland, Michigan, have done the other tour, and were excited to see locations like Manistique, Escanaba, Munising, and especially Marquette.

"We're excited to ride around. We're going to go out to Presque Isle, hopefully up to Big Bay today, and then we're going to come back and hit some watering holes, of which you seem to have plenty of and try to get some local food," said Bade.

Bade says that the tour is a great vacation. It gives them an opportunity to train for future races, but also relax and enjoy their time together as friends.

"It's a group of people that love to be on two wheels and we all have something in common," said Bade.

Camping in a group of 250 is a little unconventional. That’s why the tour stops at schools. Wednesday night, they stayed at Bothwell Middle School in Marquette.

"Because it has a cafeteria, and showers, and it has the facilities,” said Craner. “Really, when you set up a tour, it's 'what school can handle us, and who's willing to handle us.'"

The tour will depart Marquette Friday and make their way to Munising. They’ll head back to Manistique on Saturday where the tour will end.

More information on the tour and the League of Michigan Bicyclists can be found here.

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