How to protect yourself from skin cancer

Published: May. 20, 2019 at 1:58 PM EDT
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Most of the snow is gone in upper Michigan, and many are spending more time outdoors. With the warmer weather and sunshine comes the risk of skin cancer.

"UVA and UVB hit us at very extreme rates, and that's the light that we can't see and that's the light that's dangerous and can potentially cause skin cancer," said Dr. Gregory Sulik of Medical Acne & Skin Care in Marquette.

But Sulik says you can stay safe with a few precautions.

"First thing is to avoid sunlight especially between the hours of 10 am and 3 or 4 o’clock pm,” said Sulik. “That's when the light is at its most intense and that's when we get the most ultraviolet penetration that could potentially damage your skin."

Experts recommend wearing tightly woven, dark clothing and applying the recommended amount of sunscreen.

Just Believe is installing eighty sunscreen dispensers throughout the Upper Peninsula to spread awareness and protection from skin cancer.

"I'm still going to continue to work on our sunscreen dispenser project because I feel that they need to be out there for everybody in the UP," said Delight Hill, Awareness Chair of Just Believe.

Just believe is a non-profit organization created in memory of Jodi Ball who died after battling Melanoma for two years. "It's something that she wanted to help protect kids and families because it's awful to go through watching your child suffer with cancer," said Hill.

Screening is another important factor when it comes to skin safety. Experts say to monitor moles. "Anything that is changing, that becomes irritated or raised or change of color, those are really the most important things to look for in skin cancer," said Sulik.