How do UP hospitals rank against others nationwide?

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Leapfrog group just released their fall 2018 hospital safety rankings and several U.P hospitals stand out for their efforts.

Karin Markey, Director of Quality at UPHS Marquette says their 'A' was the result of a collaboration from the entire health staff.

"I am very confident right now that we're heading in the right direction. We have a fantastic team in place right now that really does place patient safety as their top priority,” Markey asserted.

"They have some pretty stringent criteria. The goal post is always moving," added Markey.

"We're always paying attention to how we can improve our patient care. How do we keep our patients safe at the end of the day? Did we do what we needed to do?" Markey questioned.

Hospitals receive A-B-C-D-F grades on several categories including problems with surgery, error prevention measures such as communication about prescribed medications, patient falls, avoidable infections and other complications.

According to our sources, avoidable medical errors and hospital infections are still the third leading cause of death in the nation. But these scores give you the information you need to help make informed decisions about your health and your future.

Randy Neiswonger, Chief Executive Officer at UPHS Portage says their 'A' grade is a result of several initiatives that emphasize patient safety and minimizing avoidable errors.

"This is an evolutionary process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It's something that we focus on day in and day out, month in and month our, year in and year out. It’s a constant commitment to safety for our patients, friends, families and neighbors," announced Neiswonger.

"I think our leadership in the clinical ranks some something that we should recognize. We have great longevity there. It has really helped when it comes down to staying contemporary and insuring that we met the standards that are not just expected locally but across the nation," Neiswonger concluded.

As Dickinson County Health System CEO, John Schon explains, these rankings are indeed stringent and difficult to maintain year after year.

“It was less than one point that we missed an 'A' by. It was basically 0.75 that we lost it by. Otherwise we would have maintained our 'A' rating which we've had since 2012. We're still providing excellent care and I think that'll be proven out by other awards that we'll be receiving soon," predicted. Schon.

Click here for more information on the Leapfrog grading system and to compare your hospital to others, nationwide.