Houghton city council introduces new ordinance to opt in to recreational marijuana sales

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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - The city of Houghton introduced another marijuana ordinance during Wednesday’s city council meeting.

At the last city council meeting two ordinances were introduced, one a revised version of the previous medical marijuana ordinance, and the other an ordinance allowing retail for recreational marijuana.

The new ordinance if passed would formally opt the city into allowing recreational marijuana businesses, however it would exclude manufacturing businesses.

"Looking at the potential for any of those other types of licenses, there was not a lot of conducive areas in the city for say a grow operation. Those types of licenses may be better served in the township or other municipalities that may have more space for those," said Eric Waara, Houghton’s City Manager.

A public hearing is set for all three ordinances at the next regularly scheduled city council meeting on March 11th, which is also the earliest the ordinances could be passed.

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