Houghton County Road Commission prepares for winter storm

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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - The Houghton County Road Commission had both paving crews and plow trucks out today, possibly for the first time in history. Crews are rushing to repair Father's Day Flood damage with up to 10 inches of snow on its way Friday.

Work is still being done in Dollar Bay and along Houghton Canal Road. Houghton Canal Road should be open by the second week of December, but will not be paved. Paradise Road at the Pilgrim River and Lower Forsberg Road at M-26 will remain closed this winter.

"The gravel roads and the paved roads that are damaged make plowing take a lot longer and of course some roads are closed, so our plow routes are going to be different. Being the first snow today, we had some sanders out and they are back in our shop. They are broken down, so we are repairing those," said county engineer Kevin Harju.

Harju says the road commission is ready for Friday's storm. He asks residents to be patient. Plows and sanders could be running behind their normal schedule due to damaged roads and equipment repairs.

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