Houghton County Jail Task force is eyeing locations to build a new jail

The current Houghton County Jail has a multitude of issues and frequently fails to meet state regulatory standards. (WLUC photo)
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HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) - The Houghton County Jail Task Force is currently looking at locations for a new jail.

The task force has been looking to a solution for the problems plaguing the jail, including issues with overcrowding and a lack of cells for female prisoners. Recently the taskforce has been eyeing property behind the nearby copper country mall that would be used to build a new jail, and would have enough room for any future expansions.

"We are ahead of the curve as far as jail plans go, we've been through this exercise four times now. We have some very good designs and very good ideas and very good plans, it's just a matter of getting the site and getting the approval," said Houghton County Sheriff Brian McLean.

Before any work could be started, the plan would need to be voted on by the general public firs to pass a millage.

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