Home offers safe place for women to recover from drug addiction

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - A recovery home in Marquette is committed to give women suffering from drug addiction a safe place to stay. Within the past two years, Sue B’s House has officially become a successful program in helping women help themselves.

“Do you know in a phoenix and mythology, how they burn and then rise from their ashes? They're very closely related with recovery,” said Elissa Kent, Assistant Director for the Great Lakes Recovery Center.

Life is full of second chances, and for women who struggle with drug addiction, mental health issues, and other related struggles; Sue B's House is the beginning to their redemption story.

"Women will come out of residential treatment after they've completed maybe say 30 days of treatment,” Kent said. “They will come over here if they don't have a safe recovery oriented place to live."

This seven bed program is a safe haven for women to focus on finding a job and securing a place to live, as they are recovering and healing from an addiction focused lifestyle.

“I really personally started to struggle to see how many women were being discharged without a safe place to go, and then they would be back in a few months because it's really hard to focus on recovery when you don't know where you are going to sleep at night, you don't know how are you are going to eat or get your next meal,” Kent said.

“I hear from them that they would not be clean without this place,” Case Manager Lizz Plattenberg said. “Without the support of each other, even more than the staff here. There is a lot of unity between these women. It's very much a family unit and that includes some of that staff that work over here."

Since 2015, when Sue B's House began, they've helped around 20 women who have gone through substance abuse treatment rebuild their lives and go back into the community.

With the requirement of attending meetings, and seeing an outpatient counselor, many of the residents hold each other accountable to reach a common goal.

“Watching them work together is very inspiring. Even if they don't like each other, there is this underlining mutual respect because they are all working towards the same thing,” Plattenberg said. “They all want life and recovery. And it's not always picture perfect, it's not always pretty, but that's what makes it real. It is gruesome sometimes, and there is crying and there's fighting, and it gets ugly; but it's real."

In the second part of this series, we will hear from a resident who has gone several months with being clean, with help from Sue B's House.

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