History out of the books

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) - More than 130 Kingsford High School juniors watched their history books come to life as they took a fieldtrip to the Cornish Pumping and Engine Mining Museum.

"The big picture is students get to appreciate the role that this community has played in our history. We just wrapped up learning about 20th century history in our classroom and now they get to see it face to face and the role that this community played in the events they learned about in the class room,” said Kingsford High School History Teacher, Aaron Yonke.

The fieldtrip highlighted local history, military history and military today though six separate workshops.

"History to a lot of people is just dates, dead people, things, battles and wars,” continued Yonke, “This is something that is living, breathing history. And it brings it to life rather than just myself and the other teachers just talk about it or activities in the class, it brings it to life for them."

For Kingsford High Junior Grace Cole, this was more than just a history lesson. Cole had the opportunity to talk about military history with active service members.

"I love history a lot and I like learning,” said Cole, “And I plan myself going into the military, so it always just kicks up your patriotism, just learning a little bit more."

"It's important because it allows these young people to interact with actual soldiers within the community and understand what's going on the global spectrum,” Army National Guard Recruiter, Sergeant First Class Brian Bizeau.

Cole intends on joining the army.

"It just kind of reaffirms it because as you learn more history and he tells you more about it, you are like ‘okay, yeah, this is the route I want to go, this is what I want to do."

Students will use today's lessons to create a piece of digital media that will be put on display at the museum.