History behind the coveted WCHA Champion Title

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - March 17th, 1994 marks the last time NMU and Michigan Tech faced off in a WCHA playoff game.

Now, exactly 24 years later, the two teams will take the ice again at even higher stakes.

"The winning team on Saturday night will advance as the automatic seed for the NCAA tournament so there is a lot on the line for both these schools," said Tom Mogush, the president of Q107-WMQT. "It’s almost like a brand new season for both these schools because whoever wins is going on."

Michigan Tech currently reigns as WCHA champions after their 3-2 win in double overtime last year against Ohio's Bowling Green.

"It was a long time coming for those fans and the university to get where they wanted to be and where they deserved to be," said Mogush. "It was a great opportunity to get there and celebrate the legacy that John MacInnes started for them."

But NMU stands between Michigan Tech and their potential back-to-back champion title. NMU is hungry for the win as it’s been eight years since they have seen a conference championship game.

"It’s time to be back and playing in the championship again," said Tom Peters, the retired assistant to the NMU President. "It’s been awhile, we've been good, but we haven't been this good."

NMU hockey does have NCAA championship under their belt from their 1991 team, a moment fans will never forget.

"It was barn burner right from the beginning until the end and was very exciting," added Peters.

Nothern and Tech for the first time will battle for the WCHA title on U.P. soil. On familiar ice, fans will really realize what their journey to this game really represents.

"Dedication and the hard work that's been put on by the by the student athletes," said Peters. "Winning obviously is important but getting there is more important."

And of course the big game is Saturday, March 17 at the Berry Events Center at 7 p.m. FOX UP will be broadcasting along with an hour-long, live pre-game show at 6 p.m. TV6 will continue to have coverage on this rivalry throughout the week.

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