Heavy rain hits areas of Houghton County recovering from Father Day Flood

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HOUGHTON COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - Heavy rains Wednesday morning caused problems on M-26 in Hubbell and US-41 in Chassell, two areas that flooded on Father's Day.

Flooding on M-26 and 15th Street in Hubbell, Oct. 10, 2018.

“When I came to work today, and I saw the water across the road I thought oh no not again,” said Candie Schmitt, Owner of Candie’s Corner Café.

Schmitt says Wednesday’s heavy rains washed out her parking lot after water poured across M-26.

“It's terrible that this is happening again to us, I mean we have been through so much already.”

The Hubbell Fire Department says they were paged out around 6 A.M. due to several reports of water on M-26.

“We slowed down traffic, it was down to one lane in areas for a while and it opened a bunch of flood drains that were plugged up with leaves and debris. We still have some that are plugged up that we are working on yet,” said Hibbell Fire Chief, Jeremy Dessellier.

Hubbell Fire says M-26 was cleared of water fairly quickly and shortly after focused on back roads and flooded yards.

“I hate to say we are getting used it, but we know it’s coming and we expect the same thing in the spring,” Dessellier added.

The heavy rains did cause a road closure on M-203 near Brooks Road north of Hancock due to a dirt slide and downed powerline. But it wasn't closed for long.

“We initially thought it would have to be a few hours but actually it was more like an hour before it could be reopened,” said Dan Weingarten, Communications Representative for the Michigan Department of Transportation.

US-41 in Chassell also took a hit but the area was not closed as Michigan State Police and MDOT managed the traffic.

Road recovery from the Father's Day flood still continues throughout Houghton County.

Additional rainfall of 1 to 2 inches is expected into tomorrow across the U.P and MDOT says they are preparing for it.

“We are keeping an eye on the situation up there and monitoring things,” said Weingarten.

As the rain continues, local agencies advice motorists to drive slow and cautiously.