Hearing aid cost and benefits

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The effects of hearing loss are more than simply not being able to hear your loved ones talking.

The loss can be a nuisance to the people around you have to constantly repeat themselves, or have to endure the increased volume of your radio or TV.

But hearing aids are notoriously expensive. The average cost of a single piece is over 15 hundred dollars. Even a model off the shelf from a retail store can cost more than 400 dollars.

But after having to ask someone to repeat themselves for the thousandth time, or wondering why the TV isn't as loud as it used to be, you might want to consider looking into a device.

"These are indications, signs that you want to come in and at least get tested... first of all you want to make sure you have yourself in your best interest," Owner of Northern Hearing Greg Orlich said.

Hearing aids are no longer just huge plastic bricks jammed into the ear.

Modern hearing aids use years of research and generations of technology to provide the best fit for everyone.

Don't go it alone and pick something off the shelf, it's cheaper but it's not in your best interest

Having a professional test to identify what frequencies could use a boost can prevent further damage from an aid that simply amplifies everything.

But they're still expensive. major insurance carriers can have hearing coverage but Marquette Senior Center social worker Vickie Bullock said, "hearing coverage through health insurance is quite limited, even with when you can get your hands on it it's not covering enough."

Bullock says the cost prevents some from getting the proper care they need.

When paying with cash, or when insurance is not an option, national grants are available, and everyone is considered on a case by case basis, but unfortunately there's no guaranteed formula for receiving one.

People should remember hearing aids serve multiple purposes

They help your hearing, and they keep you from bothering those around you.

"When you leave here you're going to be happy, you're going to be hearing things you didn't know you were missing before," Orlich said.

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