Harley's Restaurant and Lounge winner of Bloody Mary Competition

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It was the bloodiest battle in the 906 - the Marquette Ramada Inn’s second annual Bloody Mary Competition.

Ten of Marquette County’s finest restaurants and bars took part in the bloody battle to determine who really makes the best Bloody Mary in the 906. Holiday Inn, Harley's Restaurant and Lounge, the Wooden Nickel, the Piedmont, Iron Bay and the Rainbow Bar all participated.

The competition was judged by three local celebrities – TV6’s very own Paige Spisak, Northern Michigan University’s Technology and Occupational Sciences Professor Chef Christopher Kibit, and Bryan Lopac who said he’s excited to see how the competitors represent their establishments through drink creativity.

"We are assessing the garnishes, the creativity, the taste and overall experience of our sample,” said Lopac.

This year's winner was Harley's Restaurant and Lounge.