Harden Learning Resources Center holds open house at NMU

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - In the midst of all the homecoming activities this weekend at Northern Michigan University, The Harden Learning Resources Center at NMU held their inaugural Open House celebration on Saturday.

Several activities were offered for families, community members, and students. A book reading of "A Warm Winter's Tale" and "Cool Summer's Tale" by Carrie Pearson began in the morning during 'Bagels and Books.' Animal appearances were also made by the Superiorland Pet Partners, as well as the Chocolay Raptor Center. Tours of the library and the Public Broadcasting and TV center were also available.

Organizers of the event wanted to showcase to the public that the library is a valuable resource open to more than just NMU students.

"The library and the archives have been doing some strategic planning over the last year, and it was very clear we wanted to build a connection with the community," said Leslie Warren, the Dean of Academic Information Services. "We were thinking, 'What could we do to let the community know that this building is open and we have resources that are available to the public?'"

The open house also highlighted recent changes made to the library's community borrower card. High school students ages 14-18 can now get a card for free with a parent's signature. Teenagers are now able to check out books, utilize the resources, and get help from librarians. School teachers of the UP can also now come in a get a free community borrower card as well. For those 18 and older, and not a high school student or community teacher, the card is $25.

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