Hancock middle school students dig through 182 pounds of trash

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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - Students got their hands dirty and a bit smelly for a reason.

They're trying to reduce the amount of trash that they create by getting an up close look at what's exactly being thrown away.

"Eighth graders decided that they wanted to get help out with this project, go through last night's garbage and see what kind of products we could put in the recyclables to try to better educate ourselves," said eighth grade science teacher, Jen Davis.

Students called it the Garbology project.

They've opened up garbage bags and sorted the trash into categories including cardboard, plastic, glass, paper, metal and food waste.

Students also learned what can't be recycled like candy wrappers.

"I think it's good to learn more about this recycling and everything because it can help the environment and stuff and it's good to not throw away so much stuff," said student, Alex Hart.

Each category was weighed in hopes for students to change their recycling habits.

They found the school's trash contained 27% recyclable material.

"I'm surprised to see that amount of amount of trash even if we do recycle," mentioned Hart.

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