Hancock school board asks for public input

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HANCOCK, Mich. (WLUC) - The Hancock School Board heard from three potential candidates for superintendent Tuesday night.

The board asked questions to the candidates in separate sessions, each about an hour long. The candidates are Steve Patchin, Chris Salani and Katrina Carlson.

The board also let people in the audience write their questions and concerns to have them read to the candidates.

Board members say this is a good way for the next potential superintendent know which way the public things the district should go.

"It's such a community position, the superintendent of your school district is definitely one of your anchors in your district and in your community. We're trying to be more transparent, we're trying to open up the doors to let everyone in," said Hancock School Board President Dale Kero.

Current Superintendent Kipp Beaudoin announced earlier this year that he will be stepping down in June.

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