Hancock Public Schools hold first Copper Country Science and Engineering Festival

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 8:06 PM EST
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Hancock and Lake Linden middle school students were treated to a morning of fun hands on science experiments. Hancock teamed up with Michigan Tech's Mind Trekkers to make this possible.

"This time of the year we're always looking for something exciting for the kids to do. We're getting close to Thanksgiving. As you know the mind starts floating off, Thanksgiving break is coming up, so we like to get kids moving around and doing things actively learning with their hands," said Dr. Steve Patchin, Superintendent of Hancock Public Schools.

The Mind Trekkers set up a wide variety of engaging experiments and demonstrations to show off the fun side of science to the students.

"It's great seeing all of the local kids, seeing all of the excitement on their faces as we bring our big demos like oobleck and liquid nitrogen ice cream, and seeing them be interested in all of these science demos," said Katherine Wang, Vice President of Science for the Mind Trekkers.

The staff at the school are hoping that all of the action encourages kids to learn more about STEM fields.

"With the work that these people have put in, there’s just so many opportunities for the kids to have that wow factor, and just get excited about the things that are going on in science and technology and all of that, it's really cool," said Steve Aho, the Principal for Hancock Middle School.

Hancock Public Schools enjoy using their relationship with Michigan Tech to help students throughout their educational career.

"I mean, it's such a great resource in our community, just as Finlandia is as well, and we need the students to start seeing what is possible for them after graduation," said Patchin.