Gwinn Middle School teaching important life skills

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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - Students at Gwinn Middle School are learning some good life skills. It's part of a new class called "Intro to Life" and Wednesday they were learning how to cook an omelette in a bag.

Students were given fresh ingredients along with two eggs to mix up into a sandwich bag. After that, they boiled their bags for the meal. The students enjoy the class, but the teacher is looking for donations to allow for more lessons like Wednesday's bag omelette.

"This is giving them an opportunity to learn in class so that they have that skill set, if we don't have those kinds of donations we're not able to do this in class," said Madeleine Weidner, Teacher at Gwinn Middle School. "The classroom is the best place for them to learn and they're really eager to learn, when we do things like today they love it."

"This is my favorite class, this is definitely my favorite class," said Azlyn Wills, 8th Grader at Gwinn. "Because it's the stuff I like to do, I like to cook, I like to learn about benefits, health benefits, I like learning about healthy food."

The class includes other lessons like sewing, crafting and other practical skills.