Gwinn High School class of 2018 hosts Color Run fundraiser

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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - As Gwinn High School's class of 2018 begins to raise money for their Prom this spring, they decided instead of typical fundraisers, they would put on the school's first ever Color Run.

Gwinn High School Students, alumni, families, and community members came together to walk and run the 2.5 mile course around the high school and surrounding Gwinn area. But this isn't your typical fundraiser walk... All participants left with colorful new attire thanks to color powder packets and liquid color dumped on them throughout the course.

"What you do is you start off with a big color burst, everyone is in a white tee-shirt and then you get colorful," said Jane Flourrie, the Gwinn High School class of 2018 Class Advisor. "So we had our big color burst at the beginning of the race, and along our course we have four stations where it's actually liquid color, and we've got our student volunteers helping out at those stations."

Thankfully, the color will wash out of everybody's clothes, and the class ended the fundraiser with around $800 raised to go toward their prom.

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