Gwinn Area Community Schools seeks millage for sinking fund

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GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - Once again, Gwinn Area Community Schools has a millage proposal on the upcoming August primary ballot.

The millage proposal is for an increase of 1.75 mills for 10 years for a sinking fund that would be used to repair, replace and maintain school infrastructure.

The school district's Superintendent says they've already had unexpected repairs this summer, about $15,000 worth. She says if they aren't able to establish a sinking fund, the money will have to come from the general fund leaving less money for students, teachers and programs.

"Year by year, as those unexpected repairs eat away at the general fund, in addition to the large projects eating away at the general fund means less money for kids, less money for teachers and so a vote 'yes' is a vote for the kids of the Gwinn schools," said Gwinn Area Community Schools Superintendent, Sandy Petrovich.

The millage issue will appear on the August 6 Election ballot.

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