Gun rights rally held ahead of Second Amendment sanctuary county discussion

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 9:38 PM EST
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Dozens of gun rights supporters gathered outside of the Houghton County Courthouse on Tuesday, just ahead of a regular Houghton County Board meeting.

Their message was clear.

"It's just a way of measuring how much the community supports this measure, gun rights are very important here in the Copper Country and I'm proud to lead the way to support gun rights," says vice chairman of the Copper Country Republican Party, Justin Kasieta.

In January, Kasieta presented a resolution to the board to make Houghton County a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

This comes after other counties in the UP and the state have done the same, with Delta County recently becoming a sanctuary county.

"Governor Gretchen Whitmer and other politicians are making actions in Lansing and in D.C. to infringe upon people's rights so it's important that we get a safeguard in place," says Kasieta.

However, the board did not vote on the resolution on Tuesday, as many had hoped.

Instead, the initiative is tabled, as several commissioners fear it's out of their legal bounds.

"This is just an exercise by them as far as i'm concerned, we don't have any power to do what they're asking for," says chairman of the board, Albert Koskela.

Much like the crowd in attendance, the county board also had mixed feelings.

The resolution is now tabled to be looked at further, and be re-written in a way that does make an impact. Commissioners made reference to Marquette County's recent affirmation for the Second Amendment.

Updates are expected at next month's meeting.

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