Growing concerns about Lake Michigan's water levels

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - High water levels from Lake Michigan has the community of Gladstone concerned, especially since this is the first time levels have been this high since 1986.

The city says they noticed significant water level issues earlier this spring.

They thought the water would eventually decline, but Recreation Director Nicole Sanderson, says the water has become more of a problem and is starting to cause damage.

"It's really affecting Gladstone because of the things we have added. Our volleyball courts are also a new addition since 1986, so we have had significant damage to our boardwalk. Right now, it is unusable and we feel that we're probably going to have to replace the whole thing,” she explained.

Sanderson says they're talking to other communities to figure out solutions to this problem.

She's also asking if anyone in the community has any suggestions to please share, especially if you've dealt with this situation and know how to help.

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