Groups join together to take out invasive weed

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Two U.P. groups teamed up to take out an invasive weed along the Noquemanon Trail.

Members of the Lake to Lake Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area, along with representatives of the trail network joined together to pull invasive garlic mustard growing along the trail.

They covered about 100 feet of the trail near the Marquette Golf Club.

The trails are important because travelers can easily pick up seeds and spread them along their way.

"If we can keep it in this area where we know where its at, we can just keep working on that section of the trail and hopefully not have miles and miles of trail with Garlic Mustard on it. We caught it early and we're trying to get the word out that it's here, and do what we can to help it," said CISMA Invasive Species Coordinator Elise Desjarlais.

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