Grocery truck, more coming to KI Sawyer

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Starting May 22, a grocery truck will come to K.I. Sawyer on a weekly basis. The Marquette Food Co-op will deliver and sell fresh food and groceries as part of a project to combat food insecurities in K.I. Sawyer, improve community health outcomes and reduce health inequity. The grocery truck will offer affordable, budget friendly fresh food options and will be at K.I. Sawyer Elementary School every Wednesday from 4 to 6 p.m.

The Sawyer Community Alliance, a volunteer group of Sawyer residents committed to “moving the community forward” and creating a “healthy Sawyer,” is a collaborator on the project and will organize activities around the grocery truck.

Other project related activities in K.I. Sawyer include:
- A 10-week prescription food program to promote healthy eating habits in conjunction with the grocery truck deliveries. Elise Bur, Administrative Director of the Upper Great Lakes Family Health Center in K.I. Sawyer, will administer this part of the project.
- Six family cooking classes (healthy cooking without breaking the bank) for interested residents, starting May/June 2019. The classes will be taught by Sarah Monte, Marquette Food Co-op.
- Short gardening “curriculum” for students at K.I. Sayer Elementary for 3 classes based on teacher interest, started April 9. MSU Extension’s Rebecca Krans, Consumer Horticulture Educator and Extension Master Gardeners Elizabeth Slajus and Lisa Johnson will teach the classes.
- Gardening learning sessions for adults on various topics taught by MSU Extension and local Extension Master Gardeners, starting in May/June. These will be held at the Sawyer Community Garden.

The project also includes leadership training for members of the Sawyer Community Alliance. The leadership training, consisting of four individual, hands-on sessions, is provided by MSU Extension under the direction of Brad Neuman, Senior Extension Educator.

The entire project is led by Dr. Sabine Martin, CTOR Solutions, who is a leader in Culture of Health Leaders, a national leadership program supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The leadership program fosters collaboration between people from all fields and professions that have an influence on people’s health. Together they create solutions that improve health equity and move their communities and organizations toward a Culture of Health, The K.I. Sawyer project is supported by this program.

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