Green lights on snow plows proving effective

Published: Jan. 11, 2018 at 6:37 PM EST
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It's been a year now since green lights have started appearing on municipal snow plows.

However officials also say the lights are for government vehicles only.

Michigan Department of Transportation officials say the public has responded positively to the lights, and most cities have installed the lights on their own snow plows as well.

According to officials the green color is able to be detected more clearly and brightly by the human eye, which makes it easier to see in heavy snow.

"It's a cost effective way to increase safety and visibility of our plow trucks," M.D.O.T. Communications Representative in the Upper Peninsula Dan Weingarten said. "Less than $100 per vehicle to change these lights from white to green.

The upgrade to vehicles has been as easy as replacing the covers on the strobes already mounted on snow plows.

Department of Transportation Officials said the switch to green and amber lights is expected to decrease the number of incidents between passenger vehicles and snow plows.

However, Marquette City officials said by law, the lights are for state vehicles only.

"From what I've interpreted from the law is that currently municipal agencies are authorized to use green lights for use for snow removal," Marquette City Purchasing Supply Technician Anthony Baez said. "They wanted to be able to identify a plow truck coming down the road just like right now, you see amber, you think of a construction truck, they want you to think (green) is a snow vehicle."

Officials remind the public when they see it moving down the road, green means slow.