Volunteers gather for dune restoration

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Great Lakes Conservation Corps and Marquette community members volunteered Friday to plant beach grass on the shoreline of Lake Superior.

The group helps bring awareness to the public about preserving our Great Lakes.

Some beach sites that needed attention, got just that, including Clark Lambros' Beach Park in Marquette.

"So we're working on dune restoration, which means we are planting beach grass primarily, which we have harvested locally, so it's all local beach grass stock,” said Superior Watershed Partnership Program Manager, Emily Leach.

The Great Lakes Conservation Corps began the day by cleaning and picking up trash off the beach, to prepare to plant the new grass.

A crew member of the corps said this program means so much to him and it is necessary to bring light to the issue of pollution to the Great Lakes.

“I would hate to see the beach washed away. I think that this is a wonderful place to grow up and be, and we have to keep it preserved if future generations are going to have it," said GLCC Crew Member, Cullen Bothwell.

Leach says the beach grass comes from different places around the Great Lakes.

"We take them from thicker areas, within the city beaches, and then we'll spread it out to the areas that need it," Leach said.

In the future, the GLCC will continue to conduct inventories to see which beaches need restorations, and maintenance to the dunes.

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