Grant funding approved for hangar upgrades at Sawyer International Airport

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Sawyer International Airport will be expanding Hangar 665 after the Marquette County Board of Commissioners approved funding for the project at a special meeting on Tuesday

The expansion will allow larger aircraft to be brought in and serviced. (WLUC Photo)

The funding includes $12 million dollars from the Federal Aviation Administration's Military Airports Program. Other funding for the project includes $800,000 from the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Aeronautics division, as well as $980,000 from local monies. The total funding for the project is between $13-$14 million.

The expansion will bring in around 20 more jobs to the airport. Currently, the airport employs 200 employees.

"Family-sustaining jobs are very important in Marquette County. The people that work there, the 200, make good livings, so it's important to the economy. They're the seventh largest employer in the county,” said Marquette County Board Chairman, Gerry Corkin.

The upgrades to Hangar 665 will also allow larger planes to be brought into the airport to be serviced.

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