Grandview Marquette opens doors

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - It was standing room only as state and local leaders along with members of the community, all gathered together for the unveiling of the historic restoration of the former Holy Family Orphanage.

“It’s an amazing day to see the condition of this place they brought it back to," said Marquette Mayor Dave Campana.

The $16 million restoration transformed the abandoned orphanage into GrandView Marquette, a 56 apartment building and with 5th floor views overlooking Lake Superior, the name surely fits.

“The apartments are just spectacular," said Campana. "The woodwork, the windows, everything they’ve done in here is just beautiful place to see.”

As the public was welcomed to the ribbon cutting ceremony, they were also able to tour the apartments themselves, overwhelmed with the Marquette icon transformation.

But it's more than just beauty apartments, it’s affordable.

Of the 56 units, 42 apartments will be for households earning $12,000 to $36,000 per year.

And for one honorable discharged U.S. Navy officer who has been homeless since June, these apartments are life changing.

“It’s a lot better than living in the woods let me tell you," said Jason Wieczorek, a future tenet. "These apartments are amazing looking, I can’t believe how nice they are, so it’s going to be excellent to feel like I have a home.”

Jason said he is excited to be one of Grandview’s first tenants and motivated the affordable housing can get him back on his feet.

“Before there was no way I could have afford this up in Marquette, but it's a place that is going to let me feel like I can move forward when I feel better," said Jason.

Even though the ribbon cutting ceremony was on Friday, construction will continue with the hopes to move residents in no later a December 1st.

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