Gov. Snyder signs legislation expanding consumer access to craft beer

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LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - Michigan beer drinkers will have greater access to growlers of beer under legislation signed Wednesday by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Michigan has a growing beer industry and this legislation will be a great perk for beer retailers and craft beer fans statewide,” Gov. Snyder said.

House Bill 5175, sponsored by state Rep. Tommy Brann, will revise the definition of “eligible merchant” to allow retailer licensees that hold a specially designated merchant license to sell and fill growlers with beer for consumption off the licensed premises.

The filling and selling of growlers can be done under the following conditions:
• The location where the filling of growlers takes place complies with the Food Law.
• The growler is sealed and has a label that includes the brand name, the class of the beer, the net contents of the container, and the name of the retailer filling the growler.
• The eligible merchant or the merchant's agent or employee does not fill a growler in advance of the sale.
• The growler is a clean, refillable, resealable container that has a liquid capacity that does not exceed one gallon.
• The eligible merchant only fills growlers from a container that has a capacity of five gallons or more and complies with all of the applicable promulgated rules of the Liquor Control Commission.

The bill is now Public Act 40 of 2018.

Snyder signed two additional bills:

HB 4472, sponsored by state Rep. John Bizon, allows a pharmacist to dispense an interchangeable biological product, as defined in federal law, in place of a more expensive name-brand prescription when available or at the purchaser’s request. It is now PA 41 of 2018.

HB 4665, sponsored by state Rep. Rob VerHeulen, allows students enrolled in a strict discipline academy (SDA) to remain enrolled at that school after their term of suspension or expulsion from a previous school district ends or by the option of their parents or legal guardians. It is now PA 42 of 2018.

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