Gov. Snyder signs legislation allowing some hunting, fishing licenses to be displayed electronically

MGN Photo: Fishermen in canoe Emmet County Michigan
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LANSING, Mich. (WLUC) - Individuals who have small game hunting, fishing, waterfowl or fur harvester’s licenses can now display them electronically under legislation signed Thursday by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Adapting to innovation in technology is critically important to Michigan’s overall success,” Snyder said. “These bills help modernize the way certain licenses are displayed, making outdoor recreational activities more convenient for Michiganders.”

Senate Bills 1073-1075, sponsored by state Sens. Arlan Meekhof, Dale Zorn and Wayne Schmidt, respectively, allow individuals who have received a small game hunting, fishing, waterfowl or fur harvester’s license to display the license electronically. The bill also requires the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to create an electronic license on or before March 1, 2018. The measures are now Public Acts 461-463 of 2016.

Gov. Snyder also signed 16 additional bills:

Senate Bills 506, 1051-1053, and 1179, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Green, provide a streamlined fee structure for petroleum dealers. The legislation raises the current regulatory fee on each gallon of refined petroleum product sold for resale from 7/8 cent to 1 cent, while eliminating the underground storage tank fee and the retail license fee.

The net result will could be a projected increase of around $4 million in revenue to the Refined Petroleum Fund. This fund is used to support storage tank oversight and cleanup efforts. The bills also exempt above-ground storage tanks from certain installation application fees and update necessary industry references. The bills are now Public Acts 464, 465-467 and 468 of 2016.

SBs 521-522, sponsored by state Sens. Ken Horn and Margaret O’Brien, respectively, modernize the Michigan Historical Commission Act. The bills make necessary updates to the make-up and responsibilities of the commission, along with creation of a Michigan Historical Center within the Department of Natural Resources. The center would consist of the archives of the state as well as the Michigan Historical Museum. The measures are now Public Acts 469-470 of 2016.

SBs 908-913, sponsored by state Sens. Wayne Schmidt, Margaret O’Brien, Ken Horn, David Knezek, and Tom Casperson, respectively, streamline and create consistency between existing laws governing the state’s brownfield redevelopment program. The bills will assist with increasing the ability for brownfield properties to be redeveloped, while effectively managing the environmental risk associated with these properties. The bills are now Public Acts 471-76 of 2016.

SB 1093, sponsored by state Sen. Mike Kowall, temporarily postpones the deadline for the Departments of Natural Resources and Agriculture and Rural Development to develop a “permitted species list” relative to commercial trade and aquaculture. The extended timeline will provide the departments additional time to seek industry input as the list is developed. It is now Public Act 477 of 2016.

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