White Claw: Popular summer drink?

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MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. (WLUC) - A refreshing burst of happiness is a can away in this popular summer drink.

"White Claw is taking off at our restaurant in a whirlwind way,” said DIGS Gastropub Co-owner, Pat Digneit.

According to Digneit, DIGS Gastropub was one of the first places in the area to market the hard seltzer water.

"We had just a little bit and we sold it. Last summer, some people liked it. But this summer it exploded,” he explained.

At first, Digneit said this drink was only popular amongst a certain crowd. But now, everyone enjoys it.

"It is an all-out, guys, girls doesn't matter young or old, everybody likes it,” he said. “It's hot. We have every single flavor, and now they just came out with the 70 calories ones with other flavors, we might have to carry those too."

You're probably wondering what keeps people coming back?

"I think it's just a part of the lower calories that people are trying to find in drinks,” said Pike Distributors Operations Manager, Tom Dionne.

The trendy seltzer not only is doing well in this area, but throughout the country as well.

"Year to date, the White Claw market is up 300% nationally ... we're seeing the same trends in our local markets,” said Dionne.

But they better watch out... Dionne says this drink is in competition with a locally crafted seltzer.

"Ore Dock has one,” he said. “It’s called Breakwater and it's doing extremely well for us in our market. It provides a local theme to it, and they also have draft beer that we can sell into local bars and restaurants as well."

This drink is very popular in the summer, but if you missed it this time around, Digneit says people are more than welcome to stop in any time of the year to try this popular drink.