Gladstone seniors walk the walk

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GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) In order to get to high school graduation, you have to first finish elementary school. Gladstone High School seniors were walking back into the halls of one of their first schools with purpose Wednesday.

25 seniors arrived at James T. Jones Elementary School Wednesday adjusting their caps and gowns for the first ever senior walk. A teacher at the school saw the idea and their principal thought it was a great way to show their students what they are working towards while at Jones.

"It's a way to celebrate the seniors for their hard work,” explained Principal Kristina Hansen. “But it’s also to plant the seed of the idea of graduation for our third to fifth grade students so they realize what they are working for here at school."

Elementary students lined the hallways excited to see the seniors in their graduation garb. Seniors were greeted with applause, high fives and cheers as they traveled the school halls to the Gladstone fight song and their senior song. Elementary students said it encouraged them to work hard in the classroom to get to where the seniors are.

"Well I thought, OMG this might be one of the best moments of their life,” said Reese Herioux, a 4th grader at Jones Elementary School. “If I stay on the same track I am now I’ll get there, hopefully."

Seniors finished school last week and will graduate on Saturday. They volunteered to walk for the elementary students Wednesday, despite their day off of school.

"I think it’s really important that the elementary kids are getting a visual of what the end game is,” explained Troy Pardon, a senior at Gladstone High School. “It's good that they're getting an idea of what the whole point of school is, to go to class and get out with good grades."

While the elementary students learned from the seniors Wednesday, they also wanted to pass on some advice as the seniors get ready to head off to college.

"Always remember do well in college or you might not be able to come home for Christmas," advised Reese Herioux.

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