Gladstone Downtown Development Authority working on a new plan to extend its life

GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - The Gladstone Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is taking steps to extend its life. The DDA is currently working on the Ninth Street Project, where they plan to completely update Ninth Street this summer.

The DDA and the City of Gladstone are partnering for a 15-year bond to pay for the project. However, the current plan for the DDA is only for 11 more years, so the plan is to extend its life, since it is an important part of Gladstone.

"They're going to do projects in the district. So, they could do infrastructure projects like the Ninth Street Project right now to totally re-do the street and some infrastructure," says Gladstone City Manager, Darcy Long.

Long adds that the DDA is also an important economic development and marketing tool.

Construction for the nearly $4 million Ninth Street Project is set to begin in May.

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