Gilbert Elementary students get early coding lesson

GWINN, Mich. (WLUC) - Students at Gilbert Elementary in Gwinn are getting an early start on computing and coding lessons.

First Grade Teacher, Gregory Sandell says his students have drawn their own maps of Gwinn, complete with local businesses, roadways and intersections.

Small devices called 'ozobots' then trace the path of each street, mapping them out along the way with a laser eye. Along the way, the ozobots will encounter color coded sections which give the device instructions on how to proceed.

Sandell says this over-simplified coding lesson will lay the foundation for more complex coding and computing lessons throughout the rest of their schooling.

"Because coding is such a big part of their future, we're going to start here at six years old just with color coding and them getting the idea that you can program machines, computers and robots to do what you want them to do and to not do what you don't want them to do,” Sandell said.

The second portion of their lesson took the students outdoors to walk the path their ozobot traced to get a full understanding of how a robot might handle various commands.

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