Getting to know the Sleighman

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - If you're still looking for something fun to do this winter, you may want to check out the Sleighman.

For the past six Decembers, Bill Richards, who goes by Sleighman, has taken people around his Ishpeming home in a horse-drawn carriage. In ten minutes, his five Norwegian Fjord horses and one donkey are ready to go for the hour-long rides. It's $150 per hour, for rides that fill up to five people. But if you're looking for more, $500 gives you a three-hour party for up to 50 people, and includes a bonfire and warm drinks.

Richards says six years later, he's happy he's been able to give out thousands of rides.

"It's good for the horses," Richards said. "When I'm out doing these things, I don't think about anything else... I really enjoy that and the comradery with the horses; effectively, you become a team. At first they want to take off and the next thing ya' know, they're giving ya' a big hug effectively at the end ya' know, it's nice."

Richards offers rides every day, including weekends. To set up a reservation, you can call (906) 360-0212 or email Richards at

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