Get involved in Spread Goodness Day Friday

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Friday is spread goodness day and founder, Anna Dravland is thrilled #spreadgoodnessday is gaining more and more momentum nationally and worldwide.

"The inspiration is just wanting to be a good person and wanting to make the world a better place because we're here and we have the opportunity to make the world better every day," Dravland asserted.

This year, Goodwill stores across the U.P. and Wisconsin are getting involved.

"Of course the Goodwill mission and name resonates very strongly with what we're doing. Their mission is good. It is a very natural paring and I hope to see the whole goodwill organization get involved next year,' exclaimed Dravland.

Cori Bodeman is the Director of Marketing & New Business Development at Goodwill of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. She explained how the company is getting involved.

"We’re going to have spread goodness day in all five of our stores. We have them in Houghton Escanaba, Marquette, Sault Saint Marie and Marinette Wisconsin. If we can get you to donate to our stores we will reward you with a 10% off coupon," Bodeman proclaimed.

The good will doesn't stop there. When you shop at Goodwill, they'll ask you at checkout if you want to round up.

"Our cashiers will ask you when you're checking out if you would like to round up. Instead of us giving you change or even in the case of a credit card, let's just make it an even $14 or an even $12," reasoned Bodeman.

Then they’ll take the difference and give it to a local non-profit.

“In Marquette for instance we're donating to the Children’s Museum. In Houghton we're going to give to Copper Country Humane Society. In Escanaba we're giving to Gladstone Kiwanis Backpack Program," Bodeman declared.

"Then if you do round up you can be entered in to win a gift basket, including a gift certificate to the store," Bodeman advertised.

That's just one way you can get involved. So whether it’s a small deed or a larger one, the idea of Spread Goodness Day is to document your deed at and through the magic of social media.

"I've been connected to people all over the world because of this event as well as my stroke recovery. And you can't connect with these people unless you’re engaged on social media. It's just an entire world of access and communication that you won't get if you're not a part of the conversation," Dravland announced.

Of course Dravland doesn’t want you to stop at just one day.

“The secret goal of this is not to get you to do good on one day. It's to get you to understand the power you have every single day to make an impact with simple actions," Dravland concluded.