Gladstone HS grateful for large donation from area business

GLADSTONE, Mich. (WLUC) - Brave Buds is a new program that matches Gladstone Area High School seniors with underclassmen in a mentor-ship role.

Coordinator, Jeanne Brant says the Brave Buds lounge is a quiet setting outside of the classroom where students can focus on school work.

"Our focus is on helping someone who might academically need help in our school. They will give them academic support. They will connect with them and build relationships and they will be there for support for their year together," Brant announced.

The lounge, which is still coming together will also be used to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

"If the teacher says, yeah go ahead, they can come in there and relax. They can develop that friendship. Eventually we want to have some projects where the mentor and the mentee do some things within the school," Brant declared.

The folks at Heynssens-Selin's Furniture and Flooring store in Escanaba heard of the new lounge and figured they'd help make the lounge feel more like home. So the store donated a couch, some wall decor and some more lighting.

Heynssens-Selin's Marketing Manager, Krysta Seder says she’s glad the lounge is actually starting to look and feel more comfortable.

"That's what we were hoping for, because I think that program they're doing there with the Brave Buds is good for all those kids. It'll give them a place to be able to hang out and do their homework and rejuvenate," Seder stated.

Heynssens-Selin's also made a large donation in the form of new carpeting to the Gladstone BraveBots Robotics Team.

"They came in looking for a very specific type of carpet and we happened to have it and it really worked out well,” Seder recalled.

Denise Messina is a parent mentor with the Gladstone BraveBots. She says she and her son, Dylan were looking for some new flooring for the team.

"We needed specially a low-pile commercial carpeting. That carpeting simulates the same carpeting that we're going to be running on the competition field," Ms. Messina asserted.

The carpet which was roughly an $800 value will help the Brave Bots create a world class competition robot according to Messina.

"That was not in our expense this year. So they really helped us with that. So we thank Heynssens-Selin's. They are an awesome addition to our community and supporting our schools like they do is wonderful," Messina said.

These donations will be used for years to come and go a long way in shaping the future of Upper Michigan.

"These are types of programs that that I think are important for the kids. So I think it's a really good thing to participate in. As a company, we want to be able to support things like this,” Seder concluded.