Future is bright thanks to Spread Goodness Day

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Spread Goodness Day continues to gain more and more momentum across the Upper Peninsula, nationally and worldwide.

To celebrate, founder, Anna Dravland met with about 400 students at Sandy Knoll Elementary this morning for a special assembly and gave every one a pair of spread goodness sunglasses.

"Because we're going to make the future so bright you're going to need them," Dravland asserted.

"The idea is really that we're going to change the world. We're going to make it beautiful. Goodness really is overwhelming in this world and I think we give too much attention to the negative things," Dravland contended.

Dravland says not to give in to the thoughts that things are too difficult or humanity is lost.

"it's not. I believe it. I think its beautiful and there's evidence of it every single day all over," Dravland exclaimed.

Indeed, one look at these kids demonstrates that happiness.

"It feels like I just took 17 shots of adrenaline. It was amazing to see them so happy and so excited to celebrate goodness. that is really invigorating and it resonates in me that I have to keep going. I have to do this because this is powerful for me. Those kids were screaming like wild animals for spread goodness day," Dravland realized.

Christian Verardi from Edward Jones Investments sponsored the entire purchase of 400 pairs of sunglasses.

"The message resonated with his family and his child to the point that he wanted to support this again this year," Dravland said.

Second Grade Teacher, Amy Pruner says the sunglasses are a symbol for a deeper cause.

"The idea that it can trickle down. in her video that she showed us. where one person does one thing and then somebody else does something for someone else and its kind of got that trickle down effect. So it's letting the kids realize that you doing something could encourage somebody else to do something, " Pruner suggested.

And these lessons are part of the discussion in the classroom as well.

"This morning we came in and had a lesson and we brainstormed some different ideas of ways that don't have to be these big elaborate ideas. They can just be something small like holding the door for someone. or helping mom when she doesn't even ask. and just trying to get them to think about the small things that they can do," Pruner said.

It's not just about spreading goodness on one day.

"It is about showing people the power they have to change the world every single day with simple actions," Dravland summed.

Be sure to share your good deeds at spreadgoodnessday.com. and on the Spread Goodness Day Facebook page.