Funds being raised for 34-year-old Marquette woman who suffered from a stroke

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - Funds are being raised for one Marquette woman after a recent stroke has put her out of work. Anna Dravland of Travel Marquette suffered from a stroke nearly two months ago at the age of 34.

Dravland was walking to work when she collapsed in the snow due to the stroke. Luckily, a nursing instructor from NMU stopped to help. She has been receiving treatment and been out of work since then. A longtime friend is now raising support online over Go Fund Me, but Anna has now been diagnosed with more than just a stroke.

“She also is having issues with her spine,” said Stephanie Beltrame-Perrier, Fundraiser Organizer. “The doctors thought it was stroke related, and it is not. There is going to be current treatments and more that is going to be needed for her to fully recover from that also.”

Just over $4,000 dollars have been raised online. There will be a show to raise funds for Anna at the Masonic Building march 4th. To donate or for more information on the fundraiser, click here.

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