Friends of Marquette Public Art non-profit starting up

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - This winter the city of Marquette is launching a new non-profit--the Friends of Marquette Public Art. The ex-voto exhibit on display at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center (MACC) kicks off fundraising for the non-profit.

Next week, the newly appointed board members will assemble to discuss ways for the community to augment what the city is generously providing for public art.

This non-profit will be in charge of commissioning, purchasing and maintaining the art Marquette already possesses.

"Your first opportunity to give to public art would be to purchase a tile, an ex-voto, behind me, by artist Scott Leipski. We are trying to sell all 100," said Tiina Harris, Manager of the MACC.

40 percent of the proceeds raised will go directly to Friends of Marquette Public Art. The non-profit will also soon be accepting charitable donations.

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