Free preschool development screening held in Marquette

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) Young children should be meeting certain development milestones as they grow. Those include preschool readiness skills.

AMCAB Headstart offered a free preschool development screening on Wednesday. The screening was held at the Messiah Lutheran Church. They tested children for motor, concept, and language skills. One task was cutting a straight line with scissors.

Headstart says it's okay if a child isn't perfect.

"If they're age-appropriate but just need help on those skills, well, that's what preschool classes are for," said Jennifer Boyer-DeWitt, AMCAB. "So then teachers would teach those skills to them."

Marquette Area Public Schools worked with AMCAB Headstart to hold the event. The screening only covers children age three to four and will continue Thursday.

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