Free Autism Caregiver Bootcamp gives parents local and statewide resources

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) On Sunday, August 5, the Autism Alliance of Michigan spoke to local parents and teachers about new ways they can navigate their child’s care forward.

This is the first time the alliance has been up here in two years.

For eight hours, participants heard from clinical specialists, behavioral analysts and program officers focusing on helping kids ages 1- 10 with autism.

Organizers stressed the importance of water safety as 91% of kids under 14 will die to due accidental injury or drowning.

"The safety portion was really helpful, the insurance portion was really helpful, those were things that we needed," said Negaunee mother, Emmye Wiig.

Parents were extremely grateful for the alliances trip up to Marquette as some feel there are limited amount of autism resources in the U.P.

"This is really about parents getting an intensive workshop, but we really want the community to learn as well," said Tammy Morris, the Autism Alliance chief program officer.

"Almost every person I know knows someone with autism, so it's things like care and behaviors that everyone should learn about," said Tina Bayne, a mother from Houghton.

Participants received a free caregiver toolkit and access to MiNavagator, a professional case management service to Michigan families.

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