Founders Landing, other brownfield projects discussed on Thursday

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The City of Marquette Brownfield Redevelopment Authority discussed various brownfield projects during their Thursday morning meeting.

However, the big item at hand was a modification to the Founders Landing project.

"A modification had to be made to adjust some of the cost within the plan. Basically, it doesn't change the total output, but it basically adjusts it from one category to the next," said City of Marquette Brownfield Redevelopment Authority Executive Director, Sheri Davie.

She said that basically, funds within the project just had to be shifted around to accommodate for changes. The $6 million price tag of the project will remain unchanged.

The next step is the development of the Fairfield Inn hotel on one half of Parcel 2 of the landing, which is located on the northeast corner of Lakeshore Boulevard and South Front Street. The other half of the parcel will be developed into townhomes.

Groundbreaking for hotel construction will take place next week.

"They've done a lot of the environmental work that they need to do. Now they are eager to get on to the groundbreaking and the construction and that sort of thing. You know, like anything, it's a process," Davie said.

Also included in the plan is the construction of two piers near the ore dock.

"In the Founders Landing plan, what would have been a marina is going to be a pier development, which is going to add a very nice dimension for the folks that live in the city," Davie added. "Among the things that the Brownfield Authority always does in its projects is to make sure that there is benefit to the public."

For more information on the City of Marquette Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and its current projects, click here.

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