Founders Landing development project continuing to make progress

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MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) - The land along Lake Superior is prime real estate and it's currently under construction. It's part of the Founders Landing development project that will feature new residences, restaurants and retail spaces.

The project is in its final phase of production and it's been a long time coming. "It's been going. It always goes a little slower than you hope, but the project is working along well. It was a 10 year plan and we're in year number eight at this point," says Barry Polzin, the chief architect on the project.

So far, the $50 million project has produced a majority of "The Landing Condominiums," a 42-unit space that already houses many residents. The last nine units are currently being constructed as the Adams Building, which will be complete next summer.

"We started that project seven years ago and we've just been slowing working down the site so this is the final building," Polzin says.

The other part of the Founders Landing project currently under construction is One Marquette Place, which will house apartments, retail space, restaurants, and parking. "We're wrapping up the construction of a parking structure, which we're going to then start building on top of. By the first of the year, we'll be starting an apartment building on top of what you see there," states Polzin, while pointing to the concrete structure behind him. Each apartment will be loft style, have high ceilings, and feature a view of Lake Superior. One Marquette Place should be finished November 2018.

"This is going to be a fantastic place to live. I mean people living in the condominium units already can attest to that, but these apartments are really so close to the water, and they're up high and have great views in all directions of Marquette, of the lake, of the hills. It's really a beautiful site," proclaims Pulzin, "These people will go to the restaurants and go to the shops, walk to the co-op. This is really a sustainable pattern that you're seeing all across the country, and this is a great thing for Marquette to have people living down here."